Amherst Apartments
2231 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California 94704-1415

Contact: Chadd at 510-486-1314 / (use "Amherst" as subject line)


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A medium size room with one shared bathroom. If two persons occupy the room, the add $100 to cover cost increased utilities.

The "Amherst" is a historic, Berkeley hotel/apartment building (30 units), located in the downtown district. Originally built in the early 1900's, it was earth-quake retro-fitted in 1995 and designated a heritage landmark in 2003.

It is 1 block from UC Berkeley campus, BART, theaters and is proximate to markets and all kinds of facilities. There are 2 types of units:

1) Single units are a general purpose room, usually with a closet and a small refrigerator. There is a man's bathroom and a woman's bathroom on each floor. On the second floor there is a shared shower and on the third floor there are separate showers. Both floors share a common kitchen on the third floor. Most of these units are "small" or "medium" size. Utilities are included in the rent. Roommates may be allowed with separate application and permission of the land-lord and with an additional fee of 10% of the base rent.

2) Studio units are a larger general purpose room with a closet and each unit has its own kitchen and bathroom. The tenant pays for the gas and electricity (about $20 per month). Two persons may occupy a studio.

There is a coin operated laundry for the building. There is no on-site garage; but one can rent a monthly space at public lots in the vicinity. The rooms are wired for Internet; but the tenant pays individually for the service.

The lease is for 1 year and thereafter from month to month. Upon signing the lease, three months rent is required (the first month, last month, and security deposit). The rent is due on the 1st day of each month. Most tenants are students at UC, BCC, and affiliates and preference is given to that group.

General Procedures

Set an appointment to see the facility and the available rooms by e-mailing: (use "Amherst" as subject line).

I will respond and arrange a time and date.

After viewing, if you decide that you might take a room, I will forward an application with instructions. The owner selects tenants, and you will be notified for a second visit and a copy of the proposed lease.