FIS - Foundation for Infinite Survival, Inc. (Est. 1972)
Life-Extension & Control of Ageing Program
{ Berkeley, California }

Science and Philosophy in a Unified System of Thought


This site is directed, primarily, to persons who are interested in the emerging science of life-extension, which brackets the subjects of health, disease prevention, curative medicine, and, in particular, regenerative medicine and the control of biological ageing. All of those are different aspects of the same condition - i.e., biological vitality.

We present a systematic approach to this enterprise and will do so within a broader philosophical context. And there are important psychological, sociological, and ecological elements that are contingent to life-extension.

To provide the essential background, you are asked to read the following Introduction and invited to Register so that we can send periodic notices as we build our program and this network of participants.

Thank you for your interest.

C.A. Everone, Trustee.


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