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This site is targeted to those who can consider and appreciate the mission statement below. I have used this statement in different venues, and the reader may have seen it before; but it warrants repeating to remind us to stay on course.


That will sound crazy to most people; but at this point, "most" are not the target audience, as it will take only a relatively small percentage of right-minded people to make real progress. Let me hasten to acknowledge the obvious. This is a hyperbolic idea; and it is deliberately designed to be so in an effort to select for those who are not afraid of big ambitions. "TOWARD THE INVENTION OF NON-AGEING "IMMORTAL" HUMANS" is presently science fiction, but science fiction can be made to be science faction. Not long ago, most of the reality, in which we now live, was sheer science fiction; and the process of transforming imagination into reality is rapidly accelerating. It does take some acculturation to grasp both the science and the philosophy behind life-extension and control of ageing (also spelled as "aging"), and that will be presented to those who register for follow-up information. Here, the kind of response which I am seeking in a reader is something like: "Oh really? Tell me more".

First, let me explain the terms in that catch-phrase. 1) "TOWARD" means moving in a particular direction - an ambition, a goal yet to be achieved. 2) "THE INVENTION OF" refers to something that remains to be created and does not now exist; and that requires a plan and organized effort. 3) "NON-AGEING "IMMORTAL" HUMANS" needs to be explained in greater depth, as will be done for those who are interested. For here, it means the regeneration of biological vitality back to what each individual had during the age range of 20 ± 5 years which is the optimal expression of the natural human genetics. Biological vitality is defined in terms of the three aspects of: the number of cells, the rate of cell functions, and the quality of cell structures. With such aspects being optimal, disease is minimal and easy to cure if necessary; the life-expectancy could be practically indefinite; and opportunity open-ended. Restoring and maintaining the biology of 20 ± 5 must be the objective of life-extension & control of ageing science. There are also commensurate responsibilities involved in this technology. All to be explained!

Again, to properly understand, does takes some background and time; and the effort here is one of reaching out and to develop a critical-mass of people who can, as said, consider and appreciate the ambition.

Thank you for your consideration and best wishes.

C.A. Everone, Im., Governing Trustee

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